Our ethos

At the core of SD Care’s ethos is a commitment to choose and train staff who can provide care that is deeply personal and compassionate.

In following our Franciscan ethos:

  • We promote the Franciscan values of love, compassion, humility, peace, joy, respect and service
  • We nurture the emotional and psychological well-being of clients and staff
  • We aim to meet the unique needs of each person receiving care

Care for the sick and suffering is an integral part of Franciscan tradition and culture. In a defining act of love and compassion the youthful St Francis gave alms and bowed low to kiss a leper. This marked the beginning of St Francis’ conversion from sinner to saint. Franciscan spirituality fundamentally recognises that illness is a spiritual as well as physical event.

At SD Care, our nursing care is modelled on the Franciscan tradition of holistic care. We endeavour to give our clients and their families not just the physical but also the emotional support in their journey to health and well-being. Our staff are trained and encouraged to help patients and family find meaning and value in the face of human suffering.

To us, care is more than merely assisting with activities of daily living. In addition, we will support you in other areas of your life, such as hobbies, interests and friendships, so that you can continue to enjoy doing what you want, when you want.

We can provide these services in your private residence, residential home, assisted-living facility or any other place you regard as home. Our aim is to improve your health and quality of life whilst maintaining your safety and independence at home. We want you to live at home with your loved ones for as long as is fully possible.

Why choose a faith-based nursing care service?

Our Franciscan philosophy is dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each person receiving care and the belief in the intrinsic value of human life in all its facets. These needs include the spiritual, psycho-social and medical needs of each patient irrespective of his or her religious beliefs.

How are we unique?

SD Care has a faith-based business philosophy which respects the intrinsic value of each human being. We are guided by the well-established principles of Franciscan healthcare and teachings.

We offer very competitive nursing agency and domiciliary care fees while providing the highest quality of service in terms of staffing qualifications and experience.

We employ and deploy key staff specially trained to address the unique spiritual, intellectual, psycho-social and medical needs of each person receiving care regardless of their religious beliefs and helping them fulfill their potential by finding meaning and value in the face of human suffering.

At SD Care we meet the ever-changing market demands and Government policy imperatives involving client expectations for greater flexibility of choice of care by offering a comprehensive range of care options.

Our ethical healthcare business model places the needs of clients and staff first. We use industry best practice and technological innovation to maintain cost efficiency and operational effectiveness. We aim to use our profits to support philanthropic projects with our friends around the world, reaching out to the very poorest with the greatest needs. Looking beyond our balance sheet, our aim is to help make the world a better and happier place.