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“A man has only so much knowledge as he puts to work.”

St Francis of Assisi

Complex Care and Specialised Nursing

A wide range of specialist nursing care covering long standing and often complex conditions.

SD Care offers specialised, person-centred nursing care, and support to clients in their own homes and in clinical settings such as nursing care homes and rehabilitation centres. We have a talented pool of skilled and experienced professionals comprising care workers, health care assistants, and pain relief therapists.

We have helped look after many clients with diverse and complex needs with dignified and compassionate care.

Just Thank You!

“My Mum had bile duct cancer and had a few days care before she passed. I just wanted to say they made a very traumatic time for me much easier than it would have been if I was alone and they were a great comfort to me with COVID-19 complicating things. I just wanted to say thank you.

K B, October 2020

They always know what I need

“Life can be really tough when you are bound to a wheelchair and have to rely on other people’s help. Thankfully, I found the team at SD care who are always ready to support me without even being asked. My carers know what I need at all times. When I came back from hospital the first time they performed personal care duties with such dignity and respect that I felt human again. Thank you, my friends.”

Anonymous, January 2021

Palliative and End of Life Care

“After all these years, ‘On Death and Dying’ remains a call to action to listen to the people who need our help and respond with all the knowledge and skill we can bring to bear – always with humility, fellowship and compassion.”

Professor Ira Byock in his Forward, ‘On Death and Dying’ by Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Death is a journey that none of us would choose but all of us must eventually travel.

At SD, we help our clients in this journey by providing truly person-centered care by listening to them in a spirit of fellowship and service. We encourage our clients to live every moment of their life as much as possible until their very last breath. This is because we believe that everyone has the right to be cared for with respect, dignity and compassion.

Our end-of-life care is designed to support people who are in the last hours, days, months, or years of their life.

Very Outstanding Care

“Every aspect of care was excellent. All the carers we had were exceptional people who made a big difference to my dying husband’s last weeks. We cannot speak highly enough of everyone, including the manager. We thank you.”

C D, February 2020

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The term palliative care is often used interchangeably with end-of-life care. The World Health Organisation (WHO) defines palliative care, “…as an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the problem associated with life-threatening illness, through the prevention and relief of suffering by means of early identification and impeccable assessment and treatment of pain and other problems, physical, psycho-social and spiritual.” .

We have a team of highly dedicated nurses, health care assistants and pain relief therapists who are specially trained and experienced in meeting both the spirit and substance of this approach.

They will consider your wishes, likes and dislikes as they work with you on your care plan. They will also support your family, pets, well-wishers or other people who are important to you. You have the full right to express your wishes about how you would like to receive care and where and how you wish to spend your final hours.

You can receive end-of- life care or palliative care at home, in care homes, hospices or hospitals, depending on your needs and preference.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart

“SD Carers cared for my mother in the short time after her coming home from hospital and her death. They were brilliant and supportive in what turned out to be a hopeless situation. I can’t praise them highly enough, and the quality of their work and their humanity.”

N R, January 2020

Long Term Conditions

We have experienced nurses and health care assistants who are specially trained to support people suffering from dementia and have years of experience handling complex and challenging mental health conditions. As part of care, we conduct regular risk assessments to gauge mental capacity and health.

A long‑term condition sometimes referred to as a “chronic condition” is one that generally lasts a year or longer and impacts a person’s life. Examples include dementia, arthritis, asthma, cancer, dementia, diabetes, heart disease, mental health conditions, and stroke.

We work closely together with GPs and other community health professionals in providing care for people with social care needs and multiple long‑term conditions to deliver safe, high‑quality services that promote independence, choice, and control. We actively support their participation in social and leisure activities considering their state-of-health, priorities, and preferences in our care plans. From our experience, this has had a positive impact on their quality of life and improves their mental state of health. Several authoritative studies have shown that people with long term conditions are significantly more at risk from suffering mental ill-health and depression.

Professional and Caring

“Both of us found all the carers to be professional and caring, words cannot explain how thankful we both are for the caring way our mother was treated and the advice given to us about Mum. Thank You.”

H B, November 2022


“Thank you so much for your fantastic care and kindness looking after R. Your team and agency are truly a one off and we would not have been able to manage without you all. SD Care truly sets the bar high and not only has there never been a missed visit in 2 years but also my mother has always felt genuinely cared for.”

L P, December 2019

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Mental Health

Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we feel, think, and act. Many people suffer from mental health problems caused by various reasons including biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry, life experiences, such as trauma or abuse and a family history of mental health problems. One of the most common problems is dementia which affects memory. Normally, dementia occurs because of the death of brain cells or damage to parts of the brain that deal with our thought processes. Some forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s Disease, can be degenerative and may get worse with time.

We have experienced nurses and health care assistants who are specially trained to support people suffering from dementia. We have successfully handled many complex and challenging mental health cases. This has never been easy but by treating each case as unique and clients with patience, understanding, compassion and dignity has always been key to our success. We conduct regular mental health risk assessments to gauge mental capacity and depression.

If there is any truth – and I suspect there is – to the idea that many of us are, in fact, busy drowning while everyone around us seems happily splashing about, then what are we drowning in? What is causing people to ‘drown’ or to desperately tread water, all the while praying for rescue? What might be wrong with our world?”

Mark Tyrell

Professional and Compassionate

“SD Care Agency provided 24-hour palliative care for my aunt and for the three months they were caring for her the carers were highly professional and provided the care and support needed. Although they were engaged to care for my aunt, they also watched over my uncle of 94 years who was obviously going through a difficult time. One particular carer became attached to my aunt and uncle and showed a degree of compassion, beyond what you would normally expect.”

J S, March 2022

We also provide staff to nursing homes specialising in mental health care services such as Crest Lodge Nursing Home and Langham Court in Hindhead. Both institutions offer treatment and care for clients who suffer from diverse and long-standing mental health problems caused by physical ill-health or frailty.

Helpful and professional

“I have known and worked with SD Care since 2013. I have always found the team very helpful and professional. They have always found us care staff at short notice which can be a challenge. I would highly recommend SD Care for providing good quality care staff for nursing homes. Whenever I call them there is always a friendly voice on the other end of the phone.”

J D, Registered Manager, July 2020

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Reablement and Rehabilitation

We provide nurses, health care assistants and pain relief therapists to nursing care homes and specialist rehabilitation centres to support their residents in recovery and rehabilitation.

Highly Recommended Care Agency

“Having been the sole direct relative of my mother and then father (both now deceased) and now my learning disabled, schizophrenic sister diagnosed with lymphoma, I can sincerely say that this Care Agency is by far the best one I have dealt with. My sister has the same carer twice a day, 6 days out of 7. This carer is very competent, is proactive, anticipates problems, is compassionate, helps with things beyond her scripted role and communicates well with me about any issues that arise. She frequently uses her own initiative to help out with my sister’s care.”

J F, January 2021

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